Future Contracts

Get your long exposure for future delivery dates, on the decentralized exchange

Fixed & Floating rates / Swaps

Take advantage of the fixed and funding rates offered by the funding crypto markets (up to 100% APY with a near 0 risk of loss in capital)

Market Data & predictive algo

We provide market datas, trading dashboards and predictive algo to our holders, buiding a trader's community within the Future ecosystem



Utility token, governance token, offering a share of the business benefits

  1. 1) Future (FTR) token is locked when the user buys one of our products (utility token)
  2. 2) FTR Holders are granted a direct share of revenue from the FUTURE BUSINESS (50% of revenue generated is distributed to FTR holders monthly)
  3. 3) FTR holders will be given governance rights on decisions such as: the contracts/products FUTURE issues, use of development funds, potential partnerships and the future roadmap once initial rollout of the FUTURE decentralized ecosystem is complete
  4. 4) In addition to token rights, holding FTR gives access to a proprietary set of market visualization tools & data compiled by the FUTURE team


Aiming for decentralization

We're moving onchain

We're building the proof of concept with a centralized organization. We will start moving everything onchain in September 2021 and expect our first fully onchain product to be available by the end of 2021.


A new step in Defi

Swap curves, autocall ...

We already launched 4 contracts as of the 09/06 (2 fixed rate, 1 swap, 1 future contract). We target 12 products (3 type of contracts, 4 maturities) by the end of 2021


Read Our Documents

Here is our full Litepaper that help you to understand about us.


Our team is working hard to achieve our goals and bring value

May 22 2021
Launching fixed rate (has offered +20% for 3 months of holding) (DONE)
  • Contract maturity in June 25 2021
June 6 2021
Launching future and floating rate contract (DONE)
  • Contract maturity in December 12 2021
June 6 2021 to June 20 2021
Marketing campaign (DONE)
  • 2 vids done, will be published in Oct 21
June 20 2021
Launching ETH fixed rate contract maturity Sept 21 (offered 10% for 3m of holding) (DONE)
September 2021
First Onchain tools
  • [DELAYED] First distribution of profit to FTR holders (Delayed to Q1 2022, distributing profits of Q42021)
September 2021
Farming Mangos on Mango Markets
  • [DONE] 50% of the farmed mango will be put in the MM algo on FTR as a buy side liquidity
October 2021
First vote
  • Vote to impact roadmap and pricing setting
October 2021
Solana Hackathon : Present $FTR onchain tools
  • Treasury meme contract, voting program, beta of the swapping portal, maybe candyfactory fork, mango markets python fork
End September 2021
Launching fixed rate contract for Q421
  • Contract maturity in December 2021
End November 2021
First $FTR products swapping portal
  • Improving the UX, handeling issuance and redeem of $FTR products with a smart contract without relying on Serum. Users will now need to stack FTR to purchase the products. Fund management is still centralized
November 2021
Private NFT collection, 10% airdropped to $FTR holders
  • We're currently working with 2 other NFT projects so ... Maybe some other surprizes :)
December 2021
Fully onchain solution for the fixed rate contract on devnet
  • 100% trustless. Fees stacked into a vault for next quarter distribution. Custom AMM for the $FTR future market on ETHUSD on SOL
December 2021
Automating accountability to prepare profit distribution
  • Automating regular reports about the FTR activity and generated profits
January 2022
$FTR stacking pool.
  • Paying interests with the profits generated from fees. Paid linearly in time


We publish API keys of the CEX accounts where the tokenized position are backed. We also publish real time risk metrics in the RISK tab.

Contact Future Team

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.