BTCUSD Future 31/12/21 contract (FTX) Buy/Sell this product

Info & price

Contract details :
This is a Future 31/12/21 contract. Every 1 contract worth (0.1 BTC + 15FTR) for a delivery on the 31/12/2021.
On the 31/12/21, we will buy every contract for the price of 0.1BTC+15FTR with the prices of the 31/12/21.
In the meantime, we will offer buys and sell orders with proper prices by tracking the price of BTC 31/12/21 on FTX and the FTR price.
As soon as you take a position on this DEX, we take the same position on FTX.
We source, bridge and distribute the liquidity fom FTX (contract page on FTX) to Serum markets.

Historical price of the contract :


User & FTR metrics

Value issued

Locked FTR

Collateralization & Risk metrics

Collateralization %

Description of favorable and adverse scenarios

Favorable scenario : The price of BTC goes up, you make money

Adverse scenario : The price of BTC goes down, you lose money

Read Only API Keys (FTX) :
ID : nf6A2_sp8TN7ANKk0RcHsWJuyTH94NKC5KhnXKWB Secret : NoAPDsS_V4JLUc8jOL2h1MXpEtax_bv-tWRXP0bo
Technical info (Github) : Coming soon